Serving Business Central Partners

We focus on helping Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partners by providing services like code review, Application audit, high-quality custom development, training, and AppSource extensions.

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What can we do for you ?

Application Audit and Code Review

Do you want to improve the quality of your applications? We can help your company. We provide audits of the applications that allow you to benchmark your application and show areas where you can improve the code to have fewer issues in the future. 


We also can be part of your development process and provide feedback to all your pull requests to help your development team learn and improve quality.

Development and Functional Trainings

Do you or your team want to learn Business Central? We are providing the functional and technical training. Our trainers are experts in the area check out the training that our company can offer you.

Outsource Development

If your company struggles with development resources we are here to help you. Our development team can be outsourced for larger projects but also small development. 


For each modification, we do code reviews and quality tests. We also provide documentation for it. The whole code is stored in the repository where the code is tested against the next releases of Business Central.

Development Principles

Why chose our development team?

Clean Code

We develop all solutions using Microsoft best practices, design patterns and with „no warnings rule”.

Easy to use

Our goal is that as the user you will not see a difference between standard Business Central and our development, as a partner you will not need to spend time on learning how it works. 

Verified and Tested

The solutions that we provide are reviewed in the code review process. We also provide solutions that are tested by our functional team to minimize potential bugs in the code.

Trained users and partners
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